Deet FREE, All Natural Bug Spray

4oz. 100% natural ingredients
Alcohol-free • DEET-free • Non-Toxic


Free of bug-attracting emulsifiers, heavy oils, and alcohol that may dry your skin.
Our proprietary blend of 6 certified pure essential oils contains Catnip which is Ten times stronger than DEET according to an Iowa State University study. Great for everyone, even your dog. (Except NO cats - NEVER spray or USE any essential oils on cats, it is toxic to them.)
TO APPLY: Shake well then spray making sure to fully cover exposed areas. Reapply as needed. Great for gardening and all outdoor activites. A camping or picnic must have because its safe around food.

Grapefruit Lip Balm

Petroleum-FREE • Made with certified pure essential oils


Sweetened with natural Stevia from the rainforest.
Energizing, fresh and uplifting to body & mind. On a deeper level, Grapefruit essential oil is cleansing to the aura and mental body which helps release depression, confusion and mental chatter. Be well & pucker up!!



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