Landscaping Services

Landscape Designs & Elevation Renderings, our staff is able to take a picture of your property, home or business and add the landscape to it for you to view before you do. Simply put, we take a picture of the Front, Back or Side of your home and we can add plants, mulch, re-sod, mound planting beds, and add a paver brick walkway to your new waterfall or fire pit feature and much more. We can produce overview drawings, to scale, of your property with detail to all plantings and features in your landscape. Projected cost of plantings, materials and even maintenance can be included with renderings.


We have the ability to offer you assistance in transplanting your Palm Tree and other plantings. There is another option to leaving it behind, cutting it down or settling with something you don’t like.

Are you moving to another home or business? We can transplant your palms and other plantings to your new property.

Adding a pool to your yard? Don’t cut your plants or palms down, have us transplant them to compliment your new pool or addition with mature plantings that you already have!

Do you have a plant that was planted in the wrong place? You don’t have to settle with it being in your way. Call us, we can help you transplant it and put the right plant in the right place.

Butterfly Gardens-

Florida has over 180 butterfly species and Coastal Quality has extensive experience
designing, building and managing Butterfly Gardens. Planting a butterfly garden is a great way to beautify your yard and help attract a vast variety butterflies found in Florida. Butterfly gardens can be hummingbird and beneficial insect attractors. A butterfly garden does not require a large area to be effective. With just a few host and nectar plants you can make an active garden. You can make your garden more complex by sectioning different areas to attract certain species of butterflies. Different butterfly species have different requirements and the requirements change throughout their life cycles. A well-planned butterfly garden should appeal to many different butterflies and also cater to both the adults and their larvae. Choosing the proper design and plants are essential to attracting certain butterflies.

Visit The Butterfly Estates in Fort Myers’ River District to experience a native butterfly garden which Coastal Quality designed and constructed. Also, see Beneficial Insects

Rock Gardens- 

When water is not available and maintenance is limited a Rock Garden will give your property the needed curb appeal. Field Boulders, River Stones, Rubble and more are available to build a rock garden you can admire. Colors, Size and Accents are seasonal and can be found in any combination. Brown/Tan Stone, 14” diameter with Mossy growth is an example of the color, size and accent.





Delivery and Installation is available to you by the cubic yard. We can deliver Red Mulch, Pine Straw, Gold Mulch, Pine Bark, Brown Mulch and Black Mulch. Straight to your door or your planting beds it’s your choice.

Decorative Stone-

White River Stone, Lave Rock, Firelite, Marble Chip, Red Slate, Green Slate, Brown
River Stone. Most stones are available in a variety of sizes ranging from ½” to 3”.Boulders are also available for water features and rock gardens. We recommend installing a commercial grade weed matting in your planting beds to place decorative stone onto.

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