Planting Tips:

To insure the best success in your home landscaping, it helps to know local soil conditions and combine them with proper planting techniques.

• Generally, you want to plant all trees and shrubs so that the top of the root ball is at the same height as the adjacent existing grade with no fill dirt on top of the root ball. This is the most common mistake people make, planting too deeply.

• If the area you are planting in is low and prone to periodic inundation, you can mound the planting area higher. If the bed area is confined between a sidewalk and the house it can act as a bathtub for your plants. Fill the area prior to planting so that it is higher than the sidewalk and drains away from the house. Leave a trench against the sidewalk to contain the mulch and prevent the dirt from washing out of the bed.

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Topping or Hatracking Trees

• Money is wasted when trees are topped and mutilated because the treatment usually must be repeated several times and in the end the trees become very dangerous. Then more money is needed for treatments that reduce the high hazard risk.

• Trees that are topped and mutilated are usually those that have been planted in the wrong place: near power lines and buildings.

• If a tree must be topped, then it is time for a new tree.

• Do remove dead, dying and hazardous branches from mature trees.

The Right Tree Care

Arborists make a career of caring for trees. Arborists gain qualifications to practice arboriculture in a variety of ways and some arborists are more qualified than others. Experience working safely and effectively in and around trees is essential. Arborists tend to specialize in one or more disciplines of arboriculture, such as diagnosis and treatment, climbing and pruning, cabling and lightning protection, or perhaps consultation and report writing. All these disciplines are related and some arborists are very well experienced in all areas of tree work, but not all arborists have the training or experience to properly practice every discipline.

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Criminal Background Check, Commercial Liability Insurance and Trade References are a few items that you should be concerned about when hiring a firm. Following a few simple steps you can effectively protect yourself, your family and your property from falling victim to irresponsible contractors. In the following statements we will discuss steps that you can follow, questions you should ask and what you should look for.

Coastal Quality has background checks conducted on all employees prior to hiring and twice a year thereafter. Background checks are conducted by an unbiased party that specializes in these procedures. We feel that this should be the standard for all contractors in efforts to insure a safe environment for you & your family while services are rendered on your property. Ask your contractor if they require new hire and existing associates to comply with background checks.

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Choosing the Right Company for the Job

When hiring a firm (Sole-Proprietor, Corporation, LLC) to conduct any type of tree removal, trimming and/or pruning, ensure the firm is licensed and fully insured for the specific work being conducted.

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